Date:- 03/03/2020 (Rajab 08, 1441)

Introduction and Purpose of visit by Ali Shaibu.

Sheikh briefed us on their attempt to bring in investors who already had Islamic financial institutions running in South Africa and UK and were willing to establish an Islamic financial institution in Ghana.
He touched on how a brother with banking knowledge came on board through their recommendation, only to later come and destroy everything they had done. But, Alhamdulillah, he believed this to be an opportune moment and he’s happy with our research-based approach and is willing to offer and support or help he can muster.
– he further indicated that they also run a business entity by name Afrab and that there are opportunities for partnership and collaboration, but
– all depends on our integrity, which he admonished we keep high.
– we suggested we meet again and finalise discussions, and that meeting should be at the IFRIG office in shaa Allah.
– Sheikh’s office agreed and added that, they will also brief members of their office about our visit and get back to us with a possible date and part of the agenda for the next meeting in shaa Allah.
– and we also indicated that, our Executive Director is busily engager elsewhere and for that matter, we will also anticipate their date and time and communicate our acceptance or modification of same in shaa Allah in due course.
– some opportunities are in the offing and they are willing to share with us upon further deliberations in shaa Allah.
– Meeting came to an end with closing prayers and photos.

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