Bismillāh. Alhamdulillāh. Allahumma swalli alaa Muhammad wa sallim.

It’s been one year, since we had some series of discussions after the creation of Islamic Finance Research Institute of Ghana (IFRIG) from the Gh Islamic bank ideas (GIBI) WhatsApp group.

So far so good.

Over a year on, we have made a few humble strides such as:

i)~Several research works, 2 of which have been published in international journals.

ii)~Several trainings and Islamic finance research workshops

iii)~4 webinars with international participants & speakers

iv) ~an office space to facilitate our activities


Alhamdulillāh, from humble beginnings to some significant progress, still creating more awareness & pushing the frontiers gradually; providing halal financing solutions…

More to come, Continue to remember us in duaa…
May ALLAH continue to bless us all & facilitate khayr till Jannah

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