About Us

IFRIG is a registered Islamic Finance Research Institute in Ghana with the main aim of carrying out Islamic Finance research, training, information, advisory, technical assistance and development of Islamic Financial Products and services within Ghana and beyond.
We seeks to be the center of research on Islamic Finance and Economics Policy in Africa and bravely deliver a cutting edge research, train and serve as advisory institution in the area of Islamic Finance. We are committed to build concrete structures and find solutions to the developmental challenges facing the introduction of Islamic finance in Ghana and beyond.
IFRIG achieves this through programmes and projects strategically designed and tailored to help meet its objectives. Key among these are its Capacity building Programme, Educational Programme, Research seminars and workshops etc.
These are further implemented and achieved through projects, prominent among them being our Research works, training, Engagement with stakeholders to come out with solution etc.
We are happy to share with you that IFRIG GHANA has one of the vibrant and solid team who are selfless and dedicated to the service of carrying out research works and making sure that Islamic finance gets a stand in Ghana and Africa as a whole.
We have strong conviction that we can work together with you in making our society a better place.


  • To conduct research on Islamic Finance in Ghana.
  • To conduct research on how Islamic Finance can contribute to the socio-economic
    development of Ghana and Muslim Communities across the world
  • To collaborate with relevant institution to promote the development of Islamic finance
    within and across Ghana
  • Conduct a policy dialogue, collect and disseminate information with regards to Islamic
  • Carryout capacity building training on Islamic finance to stakeholders.

Our Impact:

  • Empowering individuals and businesses through innovative Islamic finance solutions.
  • Promoting economic growth and financial inclusion in the community.
  • Driving sustainable development and social welfare through ethical financial practices.

Our Community:

  • A diverse and inclusive network of individuals and organizations committed to Islamic finance and economics.
  • Collaborative partnerships with industry experts, scholars, and practitioners.
  • Engaging and empowering the community through knowledge-sharing events and initiatives.


To be the center of research on Islamic Finance and Economics in Africa‚Äč


Passion, Mutual respect, Commitment and Integrity


To deliver a cutting edge research, train and serve as advisory team in the area of Islamic Finance and Economics policies.